How to get cheap data when you’re on the move


At one time, staying connected while you were out and about proved to be pretty expensive. Blackberry was the only company to offer low cost data roaming.

However, these days as technology has advanced, more and more companies are offering competitive data plans. This has actually been blamed for part of the reason Blackberry declined in popularity.

It’s easier than ever before to connect to the internet at an affordable cost. The question is how?

Making use of cheap data SIMs

The easiest way to connect to the internet at a low cost is to switch to an affordable data roaming service. There are companies that offer competitive prices and provide you with free sim cards at your request (the link takes you to as an example of how competitive these data only sim deals can be.) Whatever provider you opt with they are generally pretty good at ensuring your make of mobile is compatible with their sim design. You will then be charged the agreed prices for every minute you’re online. As you’re simply paying for data and not calls or texts, this works out cheaper than a standard phone contract.

Using dongles

Dongles may not be as popular now as they once were, but they still provide great money saving benefits in terms of data roaming. They are mainly used in laptops but there are ways to connect them to a tablet too. You can find both 3G and 4G dongles and they basically provide wireless broadband to your laptop or device.

The only real downside to Dongles is the fact they often come on a contract basis. This means you’re tied to paying a set amount each month and it can affect your credit rating if you don’t pay. You may even have trouble getting accepted for a Dongle if your credit rating isn’t currently very good.

Changes in the law

Recent changes in the law are also starting to make the internet more affordable when you travel. This applies to European Union countries. The prices are proposed to drop from £3 to just 20p per MB in 2014. It’s always worth keeping up with changes in the law regarding mobile data roaming. If you know your rights you could end up paying a lot less.

Use your phone smartly

Certain things on your phone take up more data. Remember that receiving a text message is absolutely free. Wi-Fi also lets you call for free. It can be a good idea to turn off your data roaming on your phone.

If you’ll be travelling to another country and you need to make a lot of calls, consider a specialised sim. You can even apply for a local sim card so you’re only charged local rates. However, it’s much better to invest in a sim that works in a number of different countries with one set price. These are easier to understand and you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

Staying connected may be easier than ever before, but it isn’t always cheap. Following the tips above will ensure you save as much money as possible. Why not take a look at the sim cards on offer that offer pay as you go data roaming?

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