Building a digital music collection…and keeping it safe


It’s amazing to look back only 10 or 20 years and see how music technology has saved. When once the vinyl record was considered the height of musical sophistication, we’ve travelled rapidly through the age of tapes, CDs and even mini-discs, finally arriving at the dawn of today’s music technology – the mp3 file.

It’s never been easier to build a comprehensive and impressive music collection thanks to digital files, as you don’t need to worry about physical space in which to store your collection, while prices are lower than ever as there are no physical files to produce and pay for. Everything you pay for today is just pure, beautiful music.

Keeping your collection protected

If you choose to build your music collection solely upon digital files, it is absolutely compulsory that you remember to back up these files. Imagine the horror you would feel if you turned on your desktop or laptop PC to discover that these files were deleted.

It’s very possible to understand how to recover deleted files, whether they have been removed thanks to human error or technological, but save yourself some heartache and back up!

Many of us keep our music collection with us via mp3 players and smart phones, one of the most popular still being the Apple products such as the iPod and iPhone, which, thanks to iTunes, have never been easier to use.

The iCloud ensures that any data you download from Apple is stored in a virtual space, but if you choose to buy your products elsewhere, there are other cloud systems available, along with external hard drives and even USB sticks providing some level of protection against data loss.

The worst case scenario

If you’re currently stuck having not backed up your music files, and are having some…trouble figuring out what to do next, don’t fear. There are options available to help you save your beloved collection, so take this as a warning and invest in some back up!

A free data recovery software download should work to recover the files you’ve lost, meaning you’ve not only saved the files, but saved a heap of money too.

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