Cheap Laptops vs. High End Notebook


As retailers compete to provide the greatest services and competitive prices, it can be tricky to know which model to go for. Most choices depend upon what you’re specifically looking for your laptop to do, whether it be gaming, working or media enjoyment.

Whatever the purpose of the device, chances are you’ll be faced with a few different price options. But should you trust the cheapest option on the market, or are the most expensive a waste of money? Never fear, as we’re here to help you decide.

The cheaper option

If you need a new laptop but don’t have a huge amount of money to spend, a cheap laptop can be a great option. For just a couple of hundred pounds, you can be up and running in an afternoon, thanks to retailers such as Argos providing a wide range of products for under £400.

Likeliness is that the graphics won’t be the greatest, and you probably won’t get to enjoy a massive amount of memory. This means that a cheap laptop can be best for things like the kids school work or for browsing the web if you don’t want to be stuck to your phone in order to keep up with the latest news.

While the primary perk is the price, you might also find that cheap laptops are also cheaper to fix should anything happen to your device. If you’re looking for the basics, there’s really no need to spend big, and chances are you’ll find that you’re getting a lot more for your money too.

Spending big

The advancements in technology in recent years is nothing short of incredible, and this is seen nowhere better than in the high end notebooks. Wide screens, lightweight, easy to use and with more in-built software than you can shake a stick at, the high end netbook seems to do it all.

If you work from home, enjoy digital design or enjoy gaming, paying more for your device can be a really great investment. While it might be more complicated to fix should anything happen, it is probably a lot harder to damage at the same time.

A high end laptop can be a true investment if you do anything more complicated than writing in a Word doc or sending emails. For the media focussed user, it can really be a true investment in work and entertainment.

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