Service and Protection Is Possible

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There is plenty of publicity about the elderly and their needs. Life expectancy is increasing and that is excellent news. The important thing is quality of life; for the elderly that, in large part, involves peace of mind and security. There are people who recognise the potential vulnerability of the elderly and are willing to exploit that. It is not a matter of their having to knock on the door because the telephone is an excellent way to reach them. The motives for a call can be various and often of course they are most definitely in the callers’ rather than the recipients’ interests.

Worrying statistics

The statistics on cold calls suggest that one in four phone subscribers has received an unwanted call which is looking to get hold of personal financial information. It makes sense to be careful; the elderly are identified as the most likely to succumb, and they need protection. One recent scam has been estimated to have reaped £7m as callers pretend to be someone they are not.

Anyone who gives out their personal details can expect their bank accounts to be emptied and this has proven to be the case in this particular scam. There can be several different approaches including, posing as a bank employee or policeman warning the recipient that their card is vulnerable and about to be used.

Don’t tell

You may think that you would immediately ask for proof that callers like this are who they say they are but it is clearly not the case from the events that have happened.  No one should ever give out such sensitive information over the phone. No one from a bank would ever ask for such things and certainly not an individual pin number.

It would be no problem if everyone was certain that such unwanted calls were blocked so that they could never get through to potential victims.  That can be done if you decide to have Caller ID but unfortunately simply ignoring an unidentified call may lead to call after call if the automatic redialling service is used by the callers. There is technology that obviously helps callers but likewise there is technology to protect subscribers.

Simple protection

You can get an idea of what you can obtain as protection from unwanted telephone calls by reading where there is an effective blocking system that will allow you to register the numbers of family and friends while stopping unwanted calls from ever getting through.

If modern technology is a little over your head, you can ask for help and certainly have something fitted that you will find simple to understand. It will mean that the telephone will once again be there purely for your benefit and you need never worry when it rings; it will be someone you want to talk to.

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