How to Reduce Your IT Maintenance Costs and Your Business Utility with Thin Clients

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Changing to a client environment for the benefit of your company is not an extremely technical exercise to complete. It is important to be aware of how your business uses its desktop PCs and how your employees access, store and exchange any data that they use on a regular basis.

If you feel that you and your employees are increasingly becoming more collaborative with your work then thin clients can offer even more of these opportunities and will allow for a more streamlined and effective approach to work. As well as this there are many other advantages to using thin clients within the workplace.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

It is important for organisations to show that they are aware of how their activities impact on the environment and that they are adopting more environmentally friendly ways of working. The thin client can offer up to a 90% reduction in the energy usage than an average desktop PC; which is a considerable reduction. This will benefit your company in many ways including being able to save you money and increase your energy efficiency.

Ensuring Top Performance

Whatever your business, it is important that you achieve high performance levels on a daily basis which means that any technology that is used within your company should allow your employees to carry out their daily duties with ease and efficiency. The thin client should not only reduce workspace requirements, but it will also increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your business.

One of the most important components of making sure your client installation go successfully is to ensure your network is fast enough; so you may need to upgrade to guarantee you can reach maximum efficiency.

Making the Move to Thin Clients

A thin client may be the perfect answer in your business if you do any of the following:

  • use any standard office applications from your existing desktops
  • have highly mobile employees who often work outside of the office and in other locations
  • you are coming up to the time when you would need to replace any existing desktop PCs you have within your organisation
  • your company is already using a high-speed network
  • you are considering the possibility of moving to cloud-based services to reduce your overall business costs

If any of these reasons apply to you then now is the time to consider making the move to client computing to improve many aspects of your business and ensure you’re working in a cost effective and productive way.

Finding a Deployment Service to Help You With the Move

So if you feel that making the move to thin clients is something you would like to consider then it is important you speak to a team of experts who will be able to offer you the best advice relating to your individual business situation so that you can ensure you achieve your objective whether it be to reduce costs, improve efficiency or increase productivity.

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