Printing Tips: How to Reduce Your Toner Consumption

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These days, machines that are capable of multiple functions are definitely valuable as it can save you a lot of money; this is true especially when you are running a business. Printers happen to be one of the most popular multifunctional devices; they come with lots of additional functions, take for instance Fuji Xerox MFP which is capable of print, copy, fax and scan functions. Indeed, printers are not merely printing machines; they can be so much more. But, aside from choosing the best machines within your budget, you also have to think about related costs such as toner replacement. Here are some tips to help you save on your toner consumption after finding the best printer that suits all your needs.

Reduce Output Resolution: For everyday printing, it is not necessary to print the documents with the best output resolution. When you are using an inkjet printer, one way to do this is to print under “Draft” mode. This way, you are using less ink for printing the document although you can always change the settings back to normal mode when you are printing documents. On the other hand, when you are using a laser printer, change the resolution settings. Instead of opting for the normal dpi of 600 or 1200, you can decrease it to 300 dpi. This will allow you not just to decrease our toner consumption but it will also increase the printing speed of your machine.

Reduce Print Density: For a multifunction device, one way to save on your ink and toner usage is to decrease the density of your copied documents. You might notice differences such as lighter copies but these are definitely acceptable plus it extends the life of your toner. Changing the settings can save you a lot of toner which would be awesome if you are planning to conserve your resources.

Print in Black and White/ Gray Scale: There are times when it may seem that the document that you are printing is all black but it can still use up colored ink. Such is the case when the printer tries to replicate what is displayed in your computer. It is important to change your settings to Black and White or Gray Scale in this instance. Since colored ink is more expensive that Black ink, it would be better to reserve colored cartridge for when you really need it.

Put Your Toner Save Feature to Use: There are a lot of features in laser printers and you might miss some of them because you rarely use it such as the toner save. This is actually a must if you want to conserve your toner consumption. This allows you to use the minimum toner amount while keeping a reasonable quality output.

Reduce Start/Stop Cycles: One noticeable thing about printers is that they churn as if they are printing a document when it starts up. This process actually uses up toner and sweeps it out of the waste bin in the cartridge. Be sure to observe when your machine starts whirling and as much as possible; avoid restarting the machine to decrease the amount of toner which is wasted.

Always Check Printer Properties/Settings: When you are printing a document, it would be so easy to miss editing the settings but you have to be keen about these things to save up your toner. You can always set default settings to avoid revisiting the settings every time you print.

These days, looking for ways to conserve resources even in printed material is really important. By simply making use of certain features, you can save money and reduce the cost of printing various documents in your home or office.

One other way of managing your costs while printing is using a managed print services, document management software this sort of service can really reduce the cost of printing.

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