3 Things to Consider When Shopping for an External Hard Drive


At an age where almost every person is hooked to their computers, it seems that people are always in need of more space. With so many things to download from movies, to games and music files, it is not surprising why external hard drives are becoming more popular. Even with a lot of alternative options such as cloud storage, more people are still keen about using an external hard drive which is more convenient and economical than uploading files with hundreds of gigabytes.  Indeed, there are so many things that you have to consider when you are shopping for a hard drive including the connection type, the form factor as well as the connection type of the hard drive which are best suited to your needs. Here are some things to include on your checklist when you are looking for the best hard drive:

Choosing the right form factor. One important thing to consider when you are in the market for the right hard drive is the form of the drive. You actually have two options here: desktop and portable form. You can make your decisions based on your needs. For instance, if you are constantly on the go and you need to have your files right away, the portable drive is just the thing to get. It makes use of the power from the data connection so you can just plug it and access your files. On the other hand, if you do not mind connecting the drive to an external power source, then the desktop drive can be a good option. As to capacity, the portable drive can accommodate from 1 to 3 terabytes while the desktop external drives can actually accommodate up to 6 terabytes.

Picking the external hard drive type. Although some people think that you only mean one thing when you refer to an external hard drive, there are actually two types of hard drives which are as follows: standard magnetic based storage and flash memory storage.

If you want greater storage, you should go for the magnetic based storage. Unfortunately, there are some problems with this kind of storage which is quite similar to the glitches in traditional hard drives including issues related to long term use and the speed. If you are looking for faster speeds when you are reading or writing files, you should go for the flash memory drive. As much as this is cool when you are looking for something fast, the size range is quite limited and there have been reports on flash memory chip problems. Nevertheless, the decision as to which storage type to go for should be weighed properly.

Which connection type to go for. When you are buying a hard drive, you need to pay attention to the type of connection that it should have. Usually, the hard drives have an e-STATA or USB port which is quite unique. However, you need to make sure that when a USB port is the connection that you are looking for, you know the minimum requirements. As much as possible, do not go for a connection which is lower than USB 2.0. There are actually connection types which are lower than USB 1.0 and if you can find a USB 3.0 connection then you are better off with this as it faster. Nevertheless, the fastest choice would be e-STATA but not all computers have this port, so compatibility can be an issue.

External drives are certainly getting a lot of interest these days. Most of the external drives come with extra features. But, no matter what, you should decide on the features that you need to make the best choice as to which hard drive to purchase.

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