4 Shortcuts to Success at Trade Fairs.  


Looking for different marketing strategies for your businesses product or service? You may already have a large social media presence, an advertising campaign, and a customer mail list, but one thing that you may not have tried you hand at is a trade fair.

Trade fairs are events where a group of businesses that share interests in the same industry, come together to demonstrate their respective goods and services to potential clients, and to network with other businesses.

In order to aid you in making the most out of your time at a trade fair, follow these 4 guidelines that we have outlined below. Good luck!

  1. Make Your Stall One-Of-A-Kind

Making a positive and memorable first impression is crucial at a trade fair, and all businesses are pushing to be noticed. In order to help your booth stand out, a one-of-a-kind exhibition stand goes a long way. A good exhibition stand is an excellent way of attracting attention from potential clients, as well as being a great way to market your product simultaneously.

2. Dress Smart

It goes without saying that the way in which you choose to present yourself is also very important when it comes to making a positive first impression, so dress sharp. Not only will this help you to appear professional, you will also convey to potential customers that are in control and confident in your product.

3. Have a Good Personality

A warm and friendly personality will also go a long way when it comes to attracting customers to your stall. Represent your business by hiring staff who are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all sorts of questions about how your product can help the customer, to man your booth.

4. Set Goals

Generating new business contacts sales leads should obviously be your primary goal at a trade fair, so to help with achieving this, ensure you have made a set of tasks that will help out with this. Examples of such tasks include, but are not limited to: handing out business cards, throwing raffles, and setting a target number of how many people you would like to talk to during the course of the event.

Having taken these tips on board, the only thing left to do is seek out a trade show that suits your industry! To help with this process, try using sites like Trade Show Adviser to find shows in your niche.



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