Simple, user-friendly and functional location app. Does it really exist?


From now on it does. We’ve created this wonder, SpyCollar, especially for you.
SpyCollar is a mobile tool enabling you to track down your friends.

Using SC you can:

– track down your friends using the application with their consent,

– determine position of lost devices: phones, tablets, and block access to them via,

– do remote backup of important files, SMS, contacts at your device, and copy data on the service,

– check history of places you have visited,

– communicate with your friends via internal texting by data transmission,

– share your information with your close ones.

Go to to control and manage your time – see where and when you spend your time.
Next time, when it is hard to get hold of you, you can let your friends know where you are by SMS with map link. And if they join the community… you can check where they are at a given time in your smartphone.

Join us today and test SpyCollar for free!

Available on Google Play.

Coming soon to App Store.




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