Using online resources to promote your business


If you are running your own business it is very important that you learn how to properly promote it. A robust business marketing strategy is really the only way a business today can compete against rivals; fortunately, there are many excellent resources available online to achieve this.

Many business marketing executives are now primarily using the internet to promote their business. Although traditional print media and radio advertising is still popular, businesses are discovering that internet-based marketing usually produces higher returns on investment.

Another huge advantage of internet marketing is its longevity. An advert placed in a newspaper or magazine will be seen for a few days only, at most for a few weeks. A promotional article on a website or a successful social media campaign will continue to bring new customers for years to come.

Online resources

Social media is the fastest-growing online resource for marketing today. The most important social media platforms for business marketing are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Google Plus and Pinterest are also growing in popularity.

All the major social media platforms allow companies to create business pages. Facebook business pages are especially important because so many people already use Facebook. There are now over 1.3 billion Facebook users, and this represents almost every person who owns a smartphone or computer.

Marketing on Facebook is an art in itself. The key is to create engaging posts that people want to share with friends. In doing so, each time a post is shared, the Facebook page gets mentioned, and this raises awareness of a business.

Twitter is different to Facebook in that people do not join your page; instead, they follow it. People read your conversations and ask questions. Twitter business users who develop large followings can quickly spread the word about new products and services.

LinkedIn is the social network for businesses. Here, the focus is more about making other businesses aware of your services, and it is especially important for developing new business-to-business partnerships.

One of the most overlooked platforms is YouTube. In terms of internet search queries, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, second only to Google. Many businesses are making excellent use of YouTube today, realising that creating engaging videos is an excellent way to win new fans.

Video marketing has been effective in cinema and television for over 70 years, so it is only logical that it should work well on the internet also. A good example of how it can be used can be seen on the YouTube of Francesco Corallo.

Email marketing continues to be an important way to build brand awareness. A large list of email subscribers can be used very quickly to inform people about your products. Many businesses buy advertising space on email lists.

The internet also has many opportunities for more traditional style banner advertising, and by placing adverts for your business on related websites you can quickly improve the strength of your brand. Google AdWords is the most popular way to advertise online today.

The internet has excellent free tools and resources that can be utilised. With the possible exception of email marketing, all of the services discussed here are completely free to use, so start using them today.

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