Allocacoc – Powercube

Allocacoc is a firm started by two graduates of Industrial Design of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The firm gives a twist to products that remained unchanged for years. One such product is the power strip: the last couple of decades these remained almost unchanged, despite several design flaws. The PowerCube offers a new perspective, adapting to your needs instead of the other way around.


The PowerCube is world’s smallest 4-5 multi socket, however despite its compact shape plugs will not obstruct one another, as all plug into a different side. Often you arrive at your office, at home or in a meeting and find it difficult to reach for a nearby available power outlet to charge your notebook or mobile phone. The PowerCube will eliminate this problem as it can be mounted within reach with its included mounting dock, enabling you to charge your mobile devices from your desktop (including tablet computers). The product is a welcome solution to quite obvious problems when one thinks about it: it provides enough outlets, even for bulky plugs, while not sacrificing space due to its cubical

shape. And on top of that, it looks fresh and modern compared to the old-fashioned power strips; you want it on top of your desk instead of tucked away behind it. In addition to the solution for old-fashioned power strips -the PowerCube Extended model- Allocacoc also created models with USB ports to provide the possibility of charging your mobile devices like phones and tablets. Instead of five outlets, the PowerCube Extended USB model has four outlets and two USB ports. This model can also be mounted on your desk, wall or wherever you need power and/or USB ports.

Besides the Extended models, Allocacoc has also taken a critical look at the travel adapters. These multi plugs only have room for one product while you often need to plug in more products while travelling. The PowerCube ReWirable solves this problem: with four or five outlets, multiple devices can be charged at once. With the interchangeable plug you can plug in the type you need: the ReWirable model comes with four interchangeable plugs that cover the four most used socket types: UK, AUS, USA and DE/FR. This model is also available in a USB version.



All in all, Allocacoc its critical look at everyday products has brought forth some very well designed and user-friendly products. The PowerCube Extended and Extended USB models are currently the best-designed power strips out there and the PowerCube ReWirable
models set a new and different standard for travel adapters. This definitely is a company to follow.

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