The business case for VoIP


Effective communication is crucial in business, so your choice of phone system could have a big impact on your firm’s ability to function properly. Rather than opting for traditional systems, you might be tempted to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) setups, such as those offered by Chess.

The fact is, there is a strong business case from making this transition. Here are just some of the reasons why swapping to VoIP makes good business sense.

Cutting costs

Keeping your costs to a minimum may be one of your top priorities, and VoIP could help you do just this. After all, these systems require little or no capital expenditure and they offer impressive benefits, such as free inter-office calls. They can also dramatically cut the costs associated with long distance calls.

Especially now, given the difficult trading conditions facing many companies, it is vital that firms are able to operate as efficiently as possible. Those organisations that fail to achieve this may struggle to compete with their rivals.

Greater flexibility

VoIP also offers enhanced flexibility. For example, these systems provide much greater scalability than traditional phone lines. Whether you want to expand or contract your phone systems, you can do this quickly and with minimal hassle and cost.

Thanks to their call-forwarding options, these solutions can also make flexible and remote working much easier. This is particularly relevant now. At the end of the June, the government extended the right to request flexible working to all employees, not just parents and carers.

Improved business continuity

You’re no doubt keen to ensure that your disaster recovery plans are up-to-scratch. For example, it is important that if your office is suddenly inaccessible, you are still able to contact your customers, suppliers and other parties. If you can’t, you risk losing out on business, missing deadlines and falling short of your customer service targets. This could have a negative impact on your reputation and your bottom line.

One of the great things about VoIP is the fact that even if your workspace becomes inoperable, you can still benefit from continual phone service.

Knowing that you have this fallback can provide you with greater peace of mind even when your office is in full working order.

Better customer support

If you experience technical problems with your phone systems, you’ll no doubt want assistance as soon as possible. One of the complaints associated with traditional phone lines is the length of time it can take for such help to be forthcoming. In contrast, the VoIP customer service model can remove the need for engineers to visit your premises, thus minimising any disruption and delays.

Easier for employees

Employees tend to like VoIP services too. These solutions are intuitive to use and they provide workers with greater freedom concerning how and where they make and receive calls.

Find out more

If you think your company could benefit from VoIP solutions and are keen to find out more about them, you can take a look at the wealth of information available online. You can also get in touch with service providers for further details.



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