Interior revolution: how gadgets have changed the way we live


Interior revolution: how gadgets have changed the way we live

We are all now pretty much up to our waists in the digital revolution. Even though things may not quite have gone down the dystopian road of Blade Runner yet, they have certainly been developing in leaps and bounds, as any former owner of a now redundant collection of video or audio tapes will be happy to tell you.

The shock of the digital age

Watches were the first familiar items to undergo the digital treatment, closely followed by the advent of the internet, and then radio and TV rapidly succumbed. Consumerism and modern lifestyle options have dictated that the gadgets we now use must meet certain basic criteria and operate in a particular way.


Gadgets are now everywhere in our everyday lives, but for a gadget to gain widespread popularity and success it must be good at relaying and storing information and make familiar menial tasks easier to perform. Gadgets must also be efficient and compact in order for their function to be truly helpful, and last, but by no means least, a gadget has to look futuristic and cool, with clean, seductive lines, usually in sleek black or brightly coloured casing.

Here we take a brief look at some of the awesome gadgets that have effectively changed the way we conduct our lives:

TV beds

TV beds typify the trend towards convenience, independence and comfort, whilst also being visually appealing. You no longer need to agonise over whether to stay in the living room and watch TV or have an early night and go to bed because now you can do both at the same time. The TV element is also extremely helpful and it fits the bill of being compact perfectly as, when not in use, it can be slotted away neatly into the foot of the bed.

Smart dishwashers

Smart dishwashers use advanced technology to enable remote activation via a mobile app or the internet. The app will let you know how much energy is being consumed so you can adjust the wash cycles remotely, enabling you to save money day-to-day.

Remote light switches

These switches connect up with your domestic Wi-Fi router and let you turn the lights in your home off and on remotely with a mobile app – very convenient if you’re in bed and don’t want to get up to turn the light off!

Video surveillance

Domestic video surveillance systems are no longer the preserve of the rich few. They are highly affordable, effective and simple to set up in any domestic environment and are becoming increasingly popular. Cameras are placed close to a supplied Wi-Fi bridge for the router and are then simply switched on. Up to twenty cameras can usually be networked in this way and video feeds are monitored from iOS or Android devices.

Labour-saving gadgets are increasingly taking the stress out of familiar household chores and giving us more time just to relax and do what we enjoy most. Gadgets also take on board existing and ongoing legislation regarding environmental protection so, as well as reducing bills and freeing up your time, they are also fashionably green.


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