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Cars through the ages

Inventing the Modern Car Infographic

Metals4u have created this really cool infographic looking at where the technology of cars has come from in the recent years. As you can see in the graphic below there have been so many impressive upgrades in the automotive industry. Take a look below to find out more: 

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Has technology killed our morning commute?


The early morning commute can bring about a sense of dread in even the most patient of travellers. But while it can seem like a monotonous journey day in day out, it actually has changed significantly over the years, which is largely thanks to advances in technology. Next time you step onto that train, take a look around you to see just how much has changed in recent years.

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The New Frontier of the Internet in the Developing World


If you are part of the “developed world” (that somewhat condescending term by the great powers of the 20th century distinguish themselves from everyone else), you and everyone you know likely have access to the internet, or can get it if they try. In fact, this is practically taken for granted in much of North America, Europe, and regions of Asia. We (developees) forget that, in much of the world, internet is this brand new thing. If it exists at all! ISPs have left their mark over virtually every inch of the US and UK, among others, but a brief glance at internet statistics show that ISPs have only begun to bring in customers. The “rest of the world” has yet to be connected.

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