Has technology killed our morning commute?


The early morning commute can bring about a sense of dread in even the most patient of travellers. But while it can seem like a monotonous journey day in day out, it actually has changed significantly over the years, which is largely thanks to advances in technology. Next time you step onto that train, take a look around you to see just how much has changed in recent years.

Quiet please!

Have you ever noticed how there’s always one carriage of the train that’s considerably less busy? Apart from the first class carriage, there are also the famed ‘quiet zones’ which forbid mobile phones, mobile music players or anything else that could be considered a disturbance to fellow passengers. 20 years ago, this certainly would not have been an issue, and indeed, the only thing that passengers may have wanted to watch the volume on would have been their own conversation.

Game on

Some years ago, it may not have been an uncommon sight for commuter friends to be seen playing cards against each other on a train, or perhaps even families looking out of the window to play I Spy. Nowadays, the era of mobile gaming has transformed us into lone players who would sooner play games on our smartphones. This has led to a rise in online gambling and now specialised sites are even helping players to find casino sites which use Webmoney

. The payment option is a widely popular method which first began its life in Russia in 1998. Similar to an escrow system, customers need only register their personal details once throughout the whole process, and this safe method is popular for online casino and poker players.  With so many payment options and sign up offers available, the days of a physical pack of cards are long gone.

Turning a new leaf

The more introverted commuters amongst us will often bring a book with us to pass the time, but recent developments in tablets have seen us kissing goodbye to lugging around heavy Harry Potter novels and embracing one single entity. This is great news for those who want to read Fifty Shades of Grey without being judged, but how many potential relationships have not got off the ground because nobody has had the classic icebreaker: “I’m reading the same book as you!”?

Passive aggressive tweeting

We all know how much potential there is for things to go wrong on the daily commute. Train delays, cancellations or even rain holding up the track can all put us in for a very bad day – so how do we deal with it? Back in the day, a few plucky passengers would unite in voicing their opinions at their nearest train guard. Today however, you’re far more likely to see commuters turning to their phones to tweet their frustration rather than talking to each other. What ever happened to solidarity?












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