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How technology has changed the home office


Technology is transforming our working environments, and the home office is no exception. These setups in the midst of houses and flats have altered dramatically over recent years thanks to the emergence of new devices and systems. This brief guide details just some of the ways in which technological developments have changed our domestic workstations.

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Network Security: Bringing Management Up To Speed


We are all fairly aware that the digital revolution requires network security. Unfortunately, the average corporate manager who has to make key financial decisions about how much money to allocate toward network security only has a fuzzy idea about it. SMBs—small and medium-sized businesses—usually do not have the same IT resources as a large company. Managers working in these companies often don’t realize that their network security may be completely inadequate when it comes to protecting their business from unpredictable threats coming from the Internet.

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Why laptops are better than tablets

Ultrabook intel

Laptops and tablets enable us to keep in touch with work, family and friends wherever we are in the world. There are many benefits to using both but the laptop is far more superior in the features it has over the tablet. In this post, we give you five reasons as to why you should choose the laptop over the tablet.

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