Why laptops are better than tablets

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Laptops and tablets enable us to keep in touch with work, family and friends wherever we are in the world. There are many benefits to using both but the laptop is far more superior in the features it has over the tablet. In this post, we give you five reasons as to why you should choose the laptop over the tablet.

  1. Larger Display Screens

Laptops will have much larger display screens than tablets, which makes it a more pleasant viewing experience. If you want a device to look at photos, watch movies, play games then a laptop provides the overall better experience.

  1. Physical Keyboard

    There is one big advantage to using a laptop in that it has a physical keyboard, which you do not get with a tablet unless you buy the keyboard as an add on. When writing a long document or communicating via email, you are far likely to make less mistakes than you would using a touch screen keyboard on a tablet device as it has predictive text that will guess the word you are trying to type.

The touch screen keyboard on a tablet will have same size keys and sensitivity you would find a physical keyboard. However, for those who liked to touch type, a physical keyboard will have raised bumps on the letters ‘F’ and ‘J’ enabling you to keep your fingers in the correct position and you do not have to look down on the physical keyboard, as you would do with a tablet keyboard.

  1. Storage capacity

Laptops now come with at least a 320GB hard drive, which is five times more than a 64GB tablet meaning you have lots more room to store thousands of photos, hundreds of videos and all your important documents.

  1. CD / DVD Drive

    The CD / DVD disc maybe a technology that it is in decline due to the popularity of storing media files in a cloud server. However, the CD / DVD drive still has its uses, as you may want to burn important data files on a CD or store old home movies on a DVD. The majority of laptops are now coming without this drive but you can get USB External CD / DVD drives to add onto the laptop.
  2. Durability

    The majority of the laptops do not have a touch screen display, which makes them less sensitive in the way they are handled when compared to using a tablet. The design of a laptop is built much stronger than a tablet enabling users to be a little rougher with a laptop than they could be with a tablet.



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