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Why certain forms are required to be faxed and how to choose the right service


There is so much technology available in today’s day and age that many people may wonder why the fax machine is still relevant. There have been several technological advances over the last 50 years in the way we send and receive information.

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How to develop your app idea


Have you ever thought of a great idea for a mobile app that could take the market by storm? These days, it seems the easiest way to make money through the increasingly popular mobile technology world is by designing and developing an app. Mobile apps for smartphones are big business. They are being integrated into every walk of life even throughout business.

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7 of the Best Mobiles for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 21.08.01

It’s been a big year for mobile phones, with some new entries really shaking things up a bit, while others just sort of flopped (yes Samsung Alpha, we’re looking at you). In part this has been due to the strange intersection of rivalries between Apple, Google, and Samsung, but there is more too, with new contenders, entries, and changes you might not even have realised were out there. Below we’ve looked over 7 of the best phones out there, and given a brief overview of each. Some you’ll love, while some you might love to hate. Let us know in the comments section.

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