Why certain forms are required to be faxed and how to choose the right service


There is so much technology available in today’s day and age that many people may wonder why the fax machine is still relevant. There have been several technological advances over the last 50 years in the way we send and receive information.

The fax machine has a long history dating back to the 1800’s although they did not become common until 1966 when Xerox introduced the first Magnafax telecopier, making the machines a more common office fixture. This new fax machine could be plugged into any telephone line and used to send and receive information.

Since the invention of the fax machine we have seen many changes to technology including not only the fax machine but computers, scanners, cell phones, DVD’s, cassette tapes and many more. It is now possible to video call your friends or sign documents electronically, so why is the fax machine still relevant when it should have been killed off years ago?

Why Fax Machines Are Still Around:

Today many businesses maintain fax capabilities, usually for sending and receiving sensitive material. Secure information means that it needs to be protected from any disruptions, inspection or unauthorized use.

Sending information via fax does not allow for an easy interception, while the internet has many more exploits that an enterprising hacker (or angry North Korean) can use to steal your data.

Problems Faced by the Government:

There are still laws that do not recognize electronic signatures and still require an actual signature, which is why sending a signature via fax is the typical way government forms must be sent. There is also HIPAA (Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act) requiring doctors and health officials sending documents to and from labs, other doctors, and insurance companies to use a secure form of data transmission.

There are many difficulties surrounding the electronic signature; there is no sure way to tell who sent the signature unless the IP addresses are examined. Even this is not sufficient evidence regarding who signed it. With real signatures, it is much easier to prove who actually signed the document. Having a physical way to show who has signed a document helps prevent any future issues that may arise.

The Solution For Those Without Fax Machines:

However, the prevalence of e-mail has led to the rise of several Internet based fax companies, helping to alleviate the need for owning your own fax machine and fax line.

Online fax services give you a fax number, either local or toll-free. Anyone can send you a fax either from an actual fax machine or another online service, and it is sent using the same protocols as an actual fax. The only difference is that the information ends up in an email inbox where you can download the fax and either save it to your computer or print it from there. This method is also more secure because bystander is unable to take any documents that may have printed out on the fax machine, and must have access to your e-mail in order to find the document.

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By: Claire Lutz


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