Give an iTunes Gift Card… as a gift!  


Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. What makes it especially difficult is that tastes differ. Just because one of your friends loved a gift you’ve given, doesn’t mean that same gift works on everyone. However, there is one gift that has proven itself to be pretty much perfect, the iTunes Gift Card. The name says it all doesn’t it? With an iTunes Gift Card the recipient will be able to top up her or his Apple ID credit and use the credit to buy music, games and books in the iTunes, App and iBooks Stores. The question remains though, how do you give an iTunes Card as a gift?

How to buy an iTunes Gift Card as a gift

The only things you actually need to buy an iTunes Gift Card, are a place to relax and a phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. It’s very easy, fast and safe to buy an iTunes Gift Card, simply go on the internet and visit It doesn’t matter what time it is, because is open 24/7. Once on the website, you can choose between a giftcard from $10, $15 or $25 and place your order.

Personalize your gift by adding gift wrap and a personal message

Thanks to the gift service, you are able to personalize your gift and turn it into a real present!. When you are on the order page, enter the email address on which you would like to receive the iTunes code. The next step is to check the box next to “iTunes Card as a gift”. Select VISA, Mastercard or Paypal as a payment method and place your order. After a succesful payment, your purchased vouchercode will appear on the screen. When on this screen, scroll down to add a personal message. You will find the option to add a gift wrap on the right side. The last step is to click on the download button and download the PDF, which includes the iTunes voucher code, your gift wrap and the personal message you wrote to your friend..

Print it, fold it, wrap it and your gift is ready to be given away!

Why give an iTunes Gift Card?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, an iTunes Gift Card is a great gift. You can redeem the giftcard in one of the Apple Stores. For more information on redeeming your card, visit Once you succesfully topped up your store credit, you are left with many choices, ranging from books, music, movies, games and lots more. But if you are on the receiving end, what should you buy?  It’s impossible to discuss everything you can download, so we chose to focus on four apps featured in the “Best of 2014” App Store list.

Threes! – $1.99

2014’s “iPhone game of the Year” is a game for everyone who has a fondness of puzzling. In this numerical puzzle game you have to merge tiles situated next to eachother. The sum of the two tiles you merge, should be dividable by three. Sounds easy, but isn’t! Threes! is available for your iPhone and iPad.

Heads up! – $0.99

If you watch The Ellen Show, you know this game. In the no. 1 paid iPhone app of last year, you use the app to draw a card with a word on it. Hold the card up onto your head and guess the word from clues your friends give you. With many fun categories (celebrities, characters) this is a great party game.

Notability – $2.99

The “Mac App of the Year 2014” Notability is an app to annotate documents, take notes and a lot more. You can even record lectures and sketch ideas. With a combination of typing, handwriting, audio recording and photo’s you can take notes exactly the way you want. Notability is available for your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Paprika Recipe Manager – $4.99 (iPhone / iPad) & $19.99 (Mac)

Paprika is a recipe management app for everyone and made it onto the best apps list. It helps you organize your recipes, create grocery lists and make meal plans. Save recipes from anywhere with Paprika’s built-in browser. The free cloud sync services allows you to sync your data across all your devices.

So if you have a birthday coming up, go to and surprise someone with the Tunes Gift Card. You will give your friends and family exactly what they want, because they are the ones choosing their own present. With an iTunes Gift card, the possibilities are endless!

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