A Guide to the Coolest iPhone 5s Accessories


Yes, we know that the iPhone 6 is already out there and being pushed hard by Apple’s advertising team. But for those of us who are still in love with the 5s and are determined to hang on to it just that little bit longer, Christmas is fast approaching and that means – gizmos! So here are five super-cool accessories you can buy someone with an iPhone 5s this Christmas, or why not treat yourself?

Apple TV

TV is the single most important home entertainment provider for almost every family. Now Apple’s jumped on the bandwagon with the Apple TV. This adds a whole new level of interconnectivity between your beloved iPhone and your television. It allows you to stream games and videos straight from your phone to your TV. So if you have an overwhelming desire to play Candy Crush Saga on your 60” TV instead of on your iPhone (and why wouldn’t you?), you can.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Time to get off the couch and out onto the track – but how effective is that workout? Wearable technology has exploded onto the fitness scene (in fact, it’s probably the most popular commercial use of wearable at the moment), and the Fitbit Flex is a slightly more affordable version than the iconic Nike Fuelband. This band has the same functionality and comes with a free app so you can track your progress on your iPhone. It’s even got a silent alarm to wake you (and not your partner) in the morning so you have no excuse not to get out of bed for that early-morning run.

Sony QX100 Camera

iPhone cameras are good – but they’re not perfect. This Sony QX100 camera attachment might hit your wallet a bit harder than some of the other accessories we have listed here, but this is a worthwhile investment if you take your photography seriously. It’s a DSLR-quality lens that attaches to the iPhone and syncs with it through a free app. The results are every bit as good as a full-size DSLR, but without the bulk.

PopSLATE and Plastic Logic’s EPD display cover

If you don’t want to change your phone, change your shell. But that means you end up with a drawer full of diamante or leopard-print covers. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have one shell that you could customise yourself? Well, now you can. Innovation experts Plastic Logic and PopSLATE have given control back to the consumer with their revolutionary EPD display cover. It lets you customise your cover with images (and that can be your own photos, designs or downloads) displayed on an integrated secondary electrophoretic display (EPD). It’s all the result of remarkable flexible screen technology developed by Plastic Logic, and because it’s plastic rather than glass it’s shatterproof, incredibly lightweight, and even readable in direct light. The ‘Always-on’ principle EPD means your battery is only used when you create a new image, and not when you’re simply leaving a static image on the screen. That makes it incredibly energy efficient, so it won’t suck the life out of your battery.

Plastic Logic’s CEO Indro Mukerjee thinks it’s an accessory that will appeal to iPhone users across the world: “Our flexible EPD technology is proving ideal for smartphone accessory applications, and we are glad to be working with popSLATE in this market.

“In particular, Plastic Logic’s development of a colour flexible plastic display is significant, since the same process could enable unbreakable, flexible display solutions with other media such as LCD and OLED,” he said recently.

Thermal Imaging Camera from FLIR

We have no idea whether this accessory has any genuinely practical uses, but it’s right up there in the uber-cool stakes! FLIR has managed to cram the same thermal imaging technology it sells to law enforcement and the military inside an iPhone 5 case. The accessory has its own built-in battery to power the pair of cameras it uses to create that ‘Predator’ image for up to two hours. And here’s the useful bit – it can also be used to charge your phone when you’re not tracking Arnie through some South American jungle. While one camera generates the actual thermal image, the other is a standard camera lens that the FLIR app uses to generate and overlay outlines. This makes it a whole lot it’s easier to identify objects, people or even text. This may be fun and cool, but it’s also actually ground-breaking technology. It’s all done in ‘real time’ and while it might add some bulk to your sleek iPhone, it’s probably registering so high in the ‘awesome’ stakes that you won’t mind!

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