The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses


Do you know what VoIP stands for?  Have you ever considered moving away from your traditional phone system?  Do you know the benefits VoIP phone systems could have on your small business?

Chris Moore explains how NT Cloud Solutions are supplying their small and home business clients with a big business phone system at a small business price.

Firstly, what is VoIP?

VoIP is short for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, or to put it into a language that people understand, it’s a system to making telephone calls over the internet.

It is similar to Skype but more functional allowing you and your business to run a fully featured phone system in the cloud.

What are some benefits of VoIP?

  • A ‘big business’ phone system features such as multi-phone groups, multiple inbound numbers/identities, voicemail, call transfer and conferencing.
  • Minimal set-up costs compared to traditional phone systems.
  • The ability to take phone calls on a physical phone, mobile phone or even a headset.

What are the benefits to small or home businesses?

  • Companies with multiple offices or staff working from home who need them to answer phone calls as if they were in the office.
  • Multiple in-bound phone numbers and the ability to differentiate between them.
  • Free international calls.
  • A second phone line without a 12-month contract.

How can you benefit?

If you run a small or medium size business then you can benefit from the flexibility and reducing your call costs that VoIP offers many businesses.

We recommend checking out NT Cloud Solutions and giving them a call on 0808 168 6789 today to see how you can improve your business.

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