King of Smartphones Spring 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6?


When it comes to this year’s most hotly anticipated smartphones, two of the most buzzworthy are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the latest edition of Apple’s iPhone. Each of these premium smartphone represents the top of the line device for their respective operating system, and proprietary exclusions aside, there can be only one best phone on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a complete aesthetic change in direction from the S5, benefitting from a stately metallic finish in one of four colors (blue, white, black, and gold) where the previous edition settled for a black plastic body. The 5.1 inch Gorilla Glass screen of the Galaxy S6 features a crystal clear Super AMOLED display.

Other upgrades to the Galaxy S6 arrive through its redesigned operating system, Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” which brings a range of new capabilities to the platform such as advanced multitasking and notifications management as well as an overall updated look and feel.

For internal specs, the Galaxy S6 enjoys an upgraded processor as well as 3GB of RAM for high operational stability. The S6 is offered with three internal storage levels: 32GB, 64GB and a high-capacity 128GB version, and Harvey Norman has the Galaxy S6 line available for immediate delivery.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 largely retains the styling of its predecessor, employing a minimalistic profile rendered in one of three colors: silver, gold, and space grey. It also features an improved internal processor as well as expanded 4G LTE capabilities for a more reliable high speed connection. The 4.7 inch Retina display is rated for 326 pixels per square inch, and while it is still a highly capable screen, it falls far short of the benchmarks set by the Galaxy S6 and other top-flight smartphones.

Like the Galaxy S6, the iPhone 6 also benefits from a redesigned operating system, iOS 8, which provides critical user experience updates including enhancements to the Siri digital assistant and access to Apple Pay, the manufacturer’s proprietary mobile payments system. However, the 1GB of RAM included with all three storage levels offered by the iPhone 6 line is just a third of that delivered by the Galaxy S6, and the device is also slightly thicker at 6.9mm compared to the 6.8mm profile of the S6.

The rivalry between the Galaxy and iPhone smartphone lines has been raging since shortly after the release of the original Apple device, and shows no signs of slowing in its 6th generation. While the iPhone line may receive more attention thanks to its dedicated following, it appears this generation’s releases see Samsung bring a superior product to market.

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