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ITmonit IT Infrastructure Management Without Compromise!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 22.59.19

The last time was raised issue of a proactive approach to managing own IT infrastructure by the micro and small enterprises which underlined on the one hand, tasks, opportunities and needs faced by businesses in this sector. On the other hand was the recognition of challenges for solution designed to be on one side an intuitive, that is, taking into account the different levels of knowledge and competence of its users, on the other, it has to be synthetic, and thus offering all the tools for effective management of IT infrastructure in an integrated and complete  system environment, which is offered by the provider of e-services. That’s why experienced engineers from the company NEXT SERVICES have created an innovative solution an ITmonit based on the most recent model of providing e-services, SaaS, or Software as a Service, which is adapted to the diversity of knowledge and competence of users thanks to the creation of two independent modules of e-monitoring and

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Evolution of the mobile phone


This Infographic is courtesy of FlexEnable, a leading producer in flexible electronics technology.

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