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The last time was raised issue of a proactive approach to managing own IT infrastructure by the micro and small enterprises which underlined on the one hand, tasks, opportunities and needs faced by businesses in this sector. On the other hand was the recognition of challenges for solution designed to be on one side an intuitive, that is, taking into account the different levels of knowledge and competence of its users, on the other, it has to be synthetic, and thus offering all the tools for effective management of IT infrastructure in an integrated and complete  system environment, which is offered by the provider of e-services. That’s why experienced engineers from the company NEXT SERVICES have created an innovative solution an ITmonit based on the most recent model of providing e-services, SaaS, or Software as a Service, which is adapted to the diversity of knowledge and competence of users thanks to the creation of two independent modules of e-monitoring and

ITmonit was created in order to effectively fulfil preventive tasks related to the rationalization of IT infrastructure management. The conclusions supported by market research highlighted the division and differentiation of customer’s needs. That’s why NEXT SERVICES took great care of providing independent modules, depending on what kind we have expectations and competencies in management of IT infrastructure. And because of that if we do not have the experience in field of service actions then best for us is an e-help, and if we do have experience in servicing equipment –
e-monitoring. The modules of e-monitoring and e-help have similar tools necessary to manage the IT infrastructure:

  • monitoring of equipment parameters,
  • hardware and software inventory,
  • notifications about exceeding the optimal parameters of components,
  • remote support,
  • reports,
  • free helpdesk to handle service requests.

The difference is in the model of management of services actions of those responsible for carrying them out. ITmonit takes into account two directions – the two models. In the first administrator inside the organization manages the IT infrastructure, and he has a knowledge of informatics and servicing equipment. In this case, a better solution is a e-monitoring module, because administrator who has a synthetic environment will work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in on the one hand, a prediction of threats and rapid reaction in case of malfunction, on the other hand saves time that can be spent on inventory of equipment, analysis of taken  service actions or control of installed software. When we are dealing with a small company, which has a few employees, has a dispersed infrastructure and has no experience in field management of service activities, the best is to start to use an e-help. The main purpose of the e-help is to enable a contact with the outsourcer and in case of fruitful cooperation a service contract. It is an innovative and bidirectional action because getting a base of selected, professional companies familiar with financial capabilities of micro and small enterprises do not have to worry about abuse that otherwise may occur. Another element in this context are inquiries on computer equipment and other materials which are an inseparable component of IT infrastructure management. In an e-help and e-monitoring can be establish relationships with suppliers in that scope, excluding situations of incorrect purchasing choices being consequences of lack of knowledge to whom to consult, or from whom best to buy such equipment at competitive prices. An additional benefit is the fact that the observed trend to ad hoc use of a computer emergency, which frequently results in the replacement of equipment at the new one , will be reduced to a minimum because ITmonit philosophy is to rationalize management through prevention and minimization of such cases by using specialised indicators to monitor work of hardware. Bidirectionality of e-help is also manifested in the fact that cooperation with the outsourcer is not imposed, because we can by ourselves use the tools that are contained therein. However, in the perspective of the specific nature of the business of micro and small enterprises which do not have experience in the field of infrastructure management, it turns out to be the best solution for them.

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The flexibility of solution, ITmonit with its e-support and e-monitoring results also in  adaptation to the rapidly changing situation of micro and small enterprises for which every year brings something new. Assuming that be it new opportunities and horizons in a simple way instead of outsourcing will be able to focus on the management by its own administrator while maintaining the same functionality as in the e-help, by using e-monitoring.

In an e-help and e-monitoring we have access to visualize structure of devices that are connected to the network. It is designed in an intuitive way, which means that for each type is assigned an icon, so presented topology is also pleasing to the eye and useful at a time when the equipment is beyond the reach of the administrator or the outsourcer – eliminating the potential oversight. At the same time from the same level, we can go to particular device to configure an optimal parameters for components. Moreover, we have a current preview of their condition, eg. the CPU temperature, the amount of used space on the hard drive, or RAM and what’s most important for mobility, we can configure notifications so that has been sent to the e-mail in case of exceeding the optimal values. Such notification will also appear on administrator’s main panel. In an e-help this functionality can be extended with simultaneous notification of outsourcer so that he can react more quickly in case of a malfunction at a time when we are away from the office. In such cases, it is important to a remote assistance function through which you can connect with eg. workstation to emptying disk space when the unit’s performance decreases, or turn it off if the temperature of components rises too fast.

Network topology is associated with another functionality: an inventory of devices and applications available from the level of e-monitoring and e-help. The inventory of equipment allows for each localized by ITmonit device, a preview: configuration, in the case of workstations will it be e.g. information about its name, the capacity of RAM or disk space; components, which are specified in detail all the components of the verified entity; software, which will be detailed data on installed programs, and in a separate tab will be made available information about free software. Producer of platform also took care of the licenses, since the administrator can assign the license in to the competent entity to obtain orderly picture of licenses. However, an important element, which is available to the user in e-monitoring and e-help is the possibility to collect hardware warranty information. It is necessary in cases where after some time we will be forced to service it by the manufacturer or supplier. We can, among other things included there data of the length of the warranty and the type of service that was provided to him. NEXT SERVICES also took care of the current updating of contact points data , which include the phone numbers to the service producer and hours of operation. In addition, each case of repairs we can archive from the level of helpdesk and evaluate, which equipment was the most problematic, and which of services was the fastest in ending the application. Evaluation of action also is clearly visible in the ticket system of e-help, because by reporting of malfunction we can see how long the application is open and what is more important, how much we have to pay (agreed hourly rates).

In conclusion, no matter what experience in the scope of service activities has a micro and small enterprise, ITmonit can adapt itself to theirs needs and enables the management of IT infrastructure in a more rational, thoughtful and optimized way tailored to requirements.


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