3 Hidden but Tangible Benefits of Business VOIP



As a general rule, there is no need to articulate the benefits of integrated VOIP connectivity into your business. There is already enough data to support this practice, with this article on the Pack Net website confirming that VOIP’s reduced phone and infrastructure costs deliver estimated business savings of up to 50%.

Despite this, however, some business owners may need a little more convincing before switching to a VOIP phone connection. Fortunately, there are a number of hidden and less obvious benefits of business VOIP, and careful consideration of these can help you to make an informed decision.

3 Unheralded Advantages of VOIP Connectivity for your Business

With this in mind, here are three of the most compelling and unheralded advantages of VOIP for modern and cash-conscious business owners. These include: –

Find and Follow me Call Routing

If you employ mobile workers or staff in the field, you will greatly appreciate this feature. Find and follow me call routing enables you to create a succinct list of numbers where you can be found before an incoming call is sent to your voicemail. So while you may have your office landline ring twice during the course of a single call, for example, this call can then be instantly diverted to a listed mobile number for the third and fourth ring. The call can then be forwarded to any additional number on the list, before finally being sent to voicemail once all options are exhausted.

The Option of Voicemail to Email Transcription 

On a similar note, this modern feature helps to transcribe any subsequent email messages into texts and send them to a preferred email address. So rather than attempting to decipher a mumbled message and make a hasty note of names and numbers, you can take your time and absorb the detail of the voicemail in your own time. You can also organise, file and save these messages as you would with an email, helping you to retain information that would otherwise be lost within seven days.

Optimise Bandwidth Utilisation and Access Call Detail Reports 

With the capacity for Wi-Fi connectivity having also popularised VOIP throughout entire businesses, you are unlikely to need any further convincing about this service. If you are still unsure, however, you should consider that a carefully managed, Wi-Fi accessible VOIP service can help to optimise your bandwidth utilisation, enabling you to drive performance and regulate data usage. Additionally, you can also access detailed inbound and outbound call reports, which reveals call history, rate centre information, duration and the total cost of each individual communication.




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