How Windows Partition Manager Help Resize Partition


We all have heard the term partition magic but not many of us fully understood the meaning of it. Perhaps it is just too technical that we don’t even bother or don’t care about it. That is exactly why you are going to need a windows partition manager to help you on that aspect especially in performing tasks such as to resize partition.

With more than 30 million users currently using EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5, it is no doubt one of the most popular windows partition manager in the whole wide world (or world wide web?). It really makes it very easy for just about anyone to resize partition and to be able to maximize it to its fullest potential. All this without having to worry about anything else. It is all about few clicks of the mouse, and you are done before you even know it.

Faster solid state drives and larger hard disk drives have made its way into the market in a big way, and everyone is tempted to get themselves a piece of the bargain. But you will then realize that when you add a new SSD or HDD to your system, you must first format and partition it before you are able to use it. That’s where this windows partition manager comes into the picture as it can help you to format, partition, re-partition and resize partition according to your needs.

One of the bad thing about partition previously is that, you will have to erase all the data inside; and that is a big no-no these days. A good and trustworthy windows partition manager should be able to offer a non-destructive way of resize partition without having to erase any data inside it. That way, you can get on with life as though nothing happened.

In the latest version of the windows partition manager, it now allows you to also convert MBR disk to GPT and vice versa without any data loss. Basically you will need to convert it to GPT for hard drives that are larger than 2TB. If you are aiming for large drives should not matter as well, because it supports all the way up to 8TB.

Plus the brand new user interface brings a whole new level of experience to the table and helps end users a lot in terms of navigation and finding their way through the windows partition manager. You will find it very easy to resize partition.

Finally, if you have upgraded to the latest Windows 10; it also supports the latest OS as well. This is very useful tool to solve the low disk space problem especially after you had just upgraded to Windows 10.

EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5 is a full-fledged windows partition manager and don’t be fooled by it being free. In fact it is worth a lot more than paid versions that are out there in the market. So the next time you are looking for help to resize partition after you just bought a new SSD or HDD, you know which solution to go for right?

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