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How to choose the right payment system for your business


Deciding on the right payment system for your business can be tricky. Some businesses deal solely in cash, others take card payments but only over a certain value and many take both cash and card payments. There’s also the minefield of online payment systems that a lot of business are foraying into every day to be considered. So what are your options?

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New app to revolutionise the renting process


Moving house and looking for a new property to rent can be a stressful time. Renting out your property and managing the whole process as a landlord from start to finish also isn’t always simple. So, experts in software development have designed the new app Rentr to take all the stress away from renting with its new mobile application designed to digitally control the complete letting process.

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How is tech revolutionising today’s healthcare sector?


The provision of healthcare is changing rapidly. Soon, technological advances will impact every aspect of our medical experience, from the way we are diagnosed, to the treatment we receive, and even the prevention of disease. It’s clear that many major players are demonstrating an interest in the trend; Apple is hiring more medical tech professionals, whilst IBM is working closely with the New York Genome Center on a new cure for brain cancer, and to facilitate their discoveries, better processing power is provided by innovative memory experts SAP HANA.

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3 Ways Businesses Can Prepare for the Digital Future


In the past, you could measure a company’s level of security by the size and strength of the fence surrounding their premises. In the modern age, though, the biggest threats aren’t quite as apparent as you might expect. Cybercrime is a real threat. While it’s important to be aware of how you can protect your own personal information, it’s even more of a concern for business owners responsible for vast amounts of data.

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ITmonit a cloud based distribution model of e-services (SaaS)

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For companies the fourth quarter is the time to intensify their marketing activities, sales and purchasing. They can’t function without a technological background, where stationary devices (eg. work stations), mobile devices (eg. tablet), network (eg. switch) play a key role, and their correct and efficient functioning intensifies profits and ensure security and stability of organization’s work. So, for those who still don’t take into account in the next year’s budget the expenses on implement a system for managing IT infrastructure, or those who in current work felt already severe consequences of its absence we remind the ITmonit and summarize the functionality which was discussed earlier (1 2 3).

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