How to Create a Better Mobile Experience for Your Customers


The growth of mobile devices has been incredible over the last ten years or so, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping. While mobile was once defined as smartphones, it can now be anything from your tablet to your car to wearable devices – and even, in the future, home appliances. It is becoming more and more integral in our everyday lives as we document events and moments.

It is therefore a very easy way to get in front of your customers. However, there are many things that can obscure your message from resonating with the customer, from design to targeted marketing.

The Mobile Experience

A positive first impression of an enjoyable customer experience on mobile can make sure that customers will return again and again. A poor experience can have exactly the opposite effect, costing you valuable sales opportunities.

If your mobile experience is confusing and frustrating, then it will mean that customers won’t buy from you, and they won’t come back again. Most users, when on their mobile device, it means that they are on the go, and so are more easily distracted than they might be on a desktop.

To keep your customers happy, your website should be optimised for mobile. This means:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast loading time
  • Collapsible navigation
  • Not clickable, but tappable
  • Ask for feedback
  • Test, test, test

If you make sure that your mobile website or app delivers on these items, then you will have built a successful mobile experience.


If you’re taking payments and your customers are creating accounts with you, then it is essential that you can keep payment details safe. Implement data encryption, and if you use the cloud, it’s important that you talk to them about customer privacy.


Along with a secure and strong mobile experience, the mobile experience that you give your customers must be consistent with the rest of your customer touch points, such as social media, website and in store. Integration across all channels provides customers with a unified experience, with less clutter, adverts and irrelevant information, and can open up more sales and engagement.

A good strategy that works across the business that aligns with your growth strategy is important for you too. Don’t be tempted by a fad or a trend unless it truly will work for your growth strategy too.

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