Pilz motion control – Leading motion control technology


As you can imagine the field of motion control is a very competitive area, if you manage to secure the top deals in the industry it could be worth millions! This is why a the up a lot of expertise is used to develop the technology behind Pliz’s motion control, making it top of the range as well be explained in a run through of it below.

Thomas Pilz the managing partner of when speaking about the quality of the technology mentioned that with the number of applications where robots and people have to work together safety needs to be taken into account at a much greater level. This is why the Pilz motion tracking software is so successful.

Pilz has created the technology that uses components and systems that is designed specially to use the advanced safety sensors and control systems like the 3D camera system with SatefyEYE to enhance the way in which people can work with machines reducing the need for as much monitoring in factories. The other benefit that this technology has brought is the advances in safe collision detection and tactile sensor systems which has led to further progress in the abilities of motion control technology.

Other aspects of the industry leading technology which is produced by Pliz are products like the light bean devices. These piece are technology emit a light which if crossed the machinery shuts down immediately making the work environment a much safer places.


Several real word applications of this are as follows:

  • Presses and punch machines
  • Folding and cutting machines
  • Machining centres
  • Robot systems
  • Assembly stations
  • Assembly lines
  • Transport and conveyor systems
  • High-bay racking
  • Packaging machines
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Wood, leather, ceramics and textile processing machines

One of the final aspects of the extensive product range at Pliz is the safe switch this is a very large red switch which is easy to use and install. All of the products listed above make Pliz to of the pack when it comes to work place safety.


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