A smart house is a safe house: Technology improvements in the home security sector

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Just as in every other area of modern life, the technology of home security is getting more sophisticated by the day. According to a report from the Office for National Statistics, you’re three times less likely to be the victim of burglary today than you were in 1995. This is in large part due to the technological advances we’ve seen in home security over the past 20 years. To keep on top of the latest developments in property protection and keep your home as safe as possible, here’s our breakdown of the newest tech available for keeping your home secure.

One of the most intelligent recent innervations in property protection is the Swann doorphone video intercom. Its 3.5-inch colour LCD display provides a totally clear picture of whoever is at your door —including at night, due to the state-of-the-art infra-red camera. This relatively inexpensive gadget will allow you to know exactly who is at your door, giving you total peace of mind.

Another area which has seen a lot of developments over the last few years is the traditional lock and keys. There are now systems which replace your lock with an electronic scanner, and your keys with credit card–like tokens. If you lose one of these tokens or it is stolen, it can be instantly deactivated, rendering it useless. The Access Control system from Protect My Property utilises this technology, and also has vandal-resistant locks which are tougher than their standard counterparts and automatically lock when closed.

For peace of mind when you’re away from home, install Hue by Philips. This system allows you to control every light in your house via an app on your smart phone or tablet. If you’re not going to be home before it’s dark, simply turn on a few of your most visible lights remotely with the app, giving any potential thieves the impression there is someone home.

For keeping the contents of your shed secure or locking up your bike, pick up a Noke, the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. You’ll no longer have to rummage around the bottom of your bag or stand around trying to remember your combination in the pouring rain, as you can remove the Noke as long as your phone is within a few feet of it.

Install these state-of-the-art home security measures, and you can go about your daily life in total peace of mind that your house is protected with the best today’s tech has to offer.



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