tecSome awesome reasons why you should get a smartwatch

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Smartwatches are here and they are here to stay. Up until 2014 Samsung was king of the Smartwatch market but that changed in 2015 with the release of the Apple watch. Whether you are a fan of Android or Apple the watches connected to your phones are here to stay. Here we list 10 reasons why you might want to consider buying one on either side of the competitions.

You can pay for your stuff on the go, without your wallet. With the introduction of Apple pay and Google wallet, you simply need to touch your watch to the chip and pin machine and you are good to go. Often these payment methods are even safer than conventional chip and pin payments as they won’t work without your fingerprint. (Dependant on the model of your smartwatch).

You can never get lost with a map on your wrist. Imagine being in a new city on holiday or business you need to find your way to the metro and then from the metro to your hotel. It can never be easier than having a watch on your wrist to telling you which corners to take. Oh and when you reach your hotel you might be able to use your watch to unlock your room.

Parts are easy to come by. Although the watch face itself is one solid block of chips and screens merged together, there is no reason why you can’t customise and change out straps to suit your look. Although this doesn’t apply to the Apple Watch, many smart watches, simply require standard watch components and watch straps. So if you know how to change the strap on a standard watch, you will most likely be able to do the same on your smartwatch, so no you aren’t stuck with that thick black silicone!

Take control of your BMW! This is totally awesome. The new I Series BMW from small to big come with an app that allows you to turn on your air con or heating, help you to find your car when you’ve lost it ( I assume this is more useful in the US where they have massive parking garages) and they even allow you to unlock the car.

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