5 ways to use technology to increase productivity



In the modern digitally enabled world we live in its very easy to get left behind if you aren’t using technology to your advantage, the companies that aren’t adapting are just getting left behind. This is why we have compiled a list of the top five pieces of technology that your company can use to stay ahead of the curve and get that crucial competitive advantage.


This seems like a bit of an obvious choice however there are an alarming amount of companies that are still using desktops. Using stationary computers really holds your company back in terms of where you can work as well as your ability to access data on demand such as meetings and pitches. Providing laptops for all your customers instead of desktops is a quick and easy way to increase productivity both in and out of working hours.

Mobile phones

Again another seemingly simple one however if you kit your employees out with the latest mobile phones they will find it that little bit easier to stay in touch with clients and colleagues alike. This will then increase their ability to communicate making sharing knowledge as well as keeping clients happy a lot easier within the company.

There are companies out there such as Cellular Solutions that can provide packages of business phones for any company large to small.


VOIP services such as skype are becoming more and more popular as they give people the benefit of being able to work from any location. The increases in quality of video conferencing technologies has led to the increase in working on an off-site location being employees can become more productive. This will also allow your employees to work from home more often being they can work to their own time frame increasing commitment to the company.

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