Working Remote – Stay Connected Using Technology

Young couple talking online via video chat - Video chat and video conference concept

The explosion of the internet and online communications has swelled the number of professionals working from home offices. Some of these professionals are employees working remotely; others are contract workers or entrepreneurs. Not only is this trend here to stay, the experts will acknowledge it is continuing to grow. If you’re ready to give up the morning commute and are fortunate enough to have landed your dream job working from a home office, follow these recommendations from the professionals that have developed best practices. Good luck to you!

The notion of starting working at 10:00am in your fuzzy slippers and then heading off to the gym for an hour workout only to come back lunch is a recipe for disaster.  Those who successfully work from home know that a solid schedule is critical.  It’s just as important to define your working hours as it is to define your working space.  Unless you live alone, the kitchen table is just about the worst place for a home office.  If possible, set up your work area away from the traffic patterns in the house and in a quiet area. If you’re fortunate enough to have a separate room for a home office, you have half the battle licked. Commit to starting work every morning within the same half hour spread and working through, with a break for lunch of course, to a set time in the evening. This requires discipline.

Connecting to the office or your client via email, phone calls or video conferencing is critical to your success as a remote professional. Take advantage of the software options available for remote employees to maximize efficiencies and communications with your employer.  Staying connect will allow you to stay informed on operations changes, personnel changes, product developments and delivery. Many have proven that working remote can be successfully accomplished. Follow these tips and you too can join the ranks of remote professionals and enjoy your fuzzy slippers.

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