The evolving technology in football and Euro 2016

Soccer ball on field

Soccer ball on field

Technology in sport is hugely growing in importance from the technology within the games such as smart wearables measuring sports persons’ health and fitness levels to how fans are watching it, with online streaming and even the growth of specialize camera’s such as 360 views of stadium.

Euro 2016 football tournament is a perfect example of the use of technology throughout this tournament technology has been used at every opportunity. One of the main advances in the technology within the game is the goal line technology used in the games.

The executive committee of European football announced the development on the on pitch technology back in January after several upsets in previous tournaments where goals were wrongfully disallowed.

Technology around the filming of the games has also improved dramatically as well with drones being able to record from above giving many different angles. Of course the downside of this is how easy they have become to purchase, meaning fans will be able to use them as well. It is reported that French officials in charge of security at the Euro 2016 tournament have employed anti drone measures.

Virtual reality is another huge game changer that is starting to be included in major games, the technology isn’t quite there yet and the consumer able devices won’t be in many homes and are more for corporate events however its improving quickly. Once the technology has reached the point where it can cheaply be bought into people’s homes this will be the next level of immersive technology.

Another area where technology has excelled to make the Euro 2016 tournament even more technologically integrated is sports betting. Companies like have developed state of the art technology so that its easier for people to place bets and view returns on the go. Mobile apps around the betting industry are incredibly powerful letting you see the live odds of the game right from the device in your hand.

Overall the technology in the beautiful game is now very impressive however there are still obviously a lot of improvements and exciting changes of direction yet to come!


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