FRIMO Laminating Technology

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FRIMO Laminating Technology is mainly used in the automotive industry for creating items such as car car internal panels, arm rests side panels, pillar trims and trunk linings. The tools used by FRIMO laminating technology to create these items is state of the art using automated machining technology which has its own arsenal of tools such as mixing heads, punching, edge folding and cutting tools.

The items that can be created using these processors are plastic films with vacuum laminating, plastic décor material with press laminating and leather décor materials also with press laminating.

The advantages of using FRIMO laminating technology are their age and experience with their practically tested tooling and machinery. The way that FRIMO laminating technology works with compact and modular construction process creating a minimum space requirement is also another huge benefit.

With all the tool and machinery at the company’s disposal the ability to automate any process also applies to economies of scale making substantial saving on any job. This also offers a very high degree of flexibility when it comes to design and 3D geometry. With all this technology you also have the benefit of using a lot more materials than more basic manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the intelligence of the technology makes the whole process more economical and efficient as there is less wastage of materials.

When working with vacuum laminating this produces its own set of benefits such as the following:

Process and system technology suitable for large-volume production

Economical alternative to slush, spray or RIM skin

Ideal laminating and thermoforming results by use of new materials, e.g. TEPEO2®

Minimal film consumption through optimized process

The benefits of press laminating are as follows:

Surfaces handled gently

Appealing surfaces like those achieved with leather laminating

Optimum material savings through the use of precut material

Adhesive-free laminating possible

Savings through intelligent combination of production steps

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