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The Rise In Digital Self-Publishing

With the rise of mobile devices, online marketplaces such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and iBooks and an ever growing range of digital publishing platforms, self-publishing at the highest level has never been so accessible to John and Jane Smith. Whether an ebook, novel, tutorial, monthly magazine or newsletter, the independent publisher now has a plethora of affordable options that completely level the playing field in the publishing jungle.

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How Has Digital Technology Effected Learning?


The relationship we have with technology today is incredible. However, the way we solved problems before the tech boom required more brainpower and time. Now that technical advancement has evolved we can learn faster and produce technology that seems futuristic, even for 2017.

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Openbravo Commerce platform review

Openbravo is a multichannel commerce solution for mid and large sized companies that lets you bring physical stores into the digital data driven ROI based modern business world.

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