How Has Digital Technology Effected Learning?


The relationship we have with technology today is incredible. However, the way we solved problems before the tech boom required more brainpower and time. Now that technical advancement has evolved we can learn faster and produce technology that seems futuristic, even for 2017.

Going back a few decades ago, most learning and marketing material was some form or another of print. You probably remember carting a pile of books and folders to school as a kid, now you’ll find children carrying a single Ipad that allows them to work on a multitude of projects.

Not only is this more eco-friendly but it has been the centre of debate as to how it affects student learning and whether it’s more beneficial than traditional methods.

Although there are many positive correlations between the growth of technology and learning, there is also a degree of scepticism to be wary of, the BBC covered a story which highlights that countries and cities with the lowest use of the internet in school – South Korea, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japan – are among the top performers in international tests.

There are 1.3m desktop computers, 840,000 laptops and 730,000 tablets across UK schools (Source: BESA)

The UK has one of the highest levels of computers per pupil and researchers fear that this may have a diminishing affect on reading performance.

Although there have been some negative opinions, some industry professionals made their opinions clear about the importance of technology in learning.

Microsoft spokesman Hugh Milward said: “The internet gives any student access to the sum of human knowledge, 3D printing brings advanced manufacturing capabilities to your desktop, and the next FTSE 100 business might just as well be built in a bedroom in Coventry as in the City.”

It’s important to note the way technical advances have affected the role of the teacher. Allowing for more innovative, digitally engaging teaching using smart boards and Ipads – Educational apps now dominate and shape the way students learn too.

The Education Endowment Foundation conducted some detailed research into learning and tech here and found the positive results outweighed the negatives overall.

In our opinion it’s only natural as technology advances in every area that its main reason for existence is to help solve human issues and make tasks like learning more efficient and ultimately easier to digest.

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