Openbravo Commerce platform review

Openbravo is a multichannel commerce solution for mid and large sized companies that lets you bring physical stores into the digital data driven ROI based modern business world.

When you bring the openbravo technology into your stores it lets you do several incredible useful things in a user friendly and efficient way. If used correctly the software will give you the insight needed to boost your sales, keep track of your inventory. Then finally report on where the sales how come from in location and time of the day, giving you real actionable insight.

Openbravo is designed from the ground up to be as flexible and as fast growing as you are with the ability to expand internationally a multi-currency, multi language and multi tax world. On top of this when you do grow the software is designed to be completely scalable. To really protect the user of the service as your business grows the software can be backed up and stored in the cloud making large store rollouts both cost effective and efficient. On side the software itself the retail resources that Openbravo offer are also state of the art giving you the ability to brush up on almost every aspect of commerce. With this information as your finger tips it helps broaden the gap between you and your competitors.

The technology behind Openbravo is state of the art with the ability for the product to shrink down to both a tablet and smartphone screen size. Alongside the technology offered on the physical commerce side of Openbravo there’s also the web pos software that lets you really bridge the gap between online and offline.

On top of the quality technology that’s gone into the service to making the service a top of the range product there is also the security features that have been put into place to make it one of the best services out there. Functionally security features let you set different access rights so that you can let different people access different parts of the software. There are also secure application access features in place such as HTTPS and providing the users the ability to authenticate over LDAP making It secure as possible.

The benefit from using this software will be seen throughout the business however there are a few stand out areas. The real time reporting function will give you the ability to correctly manage your supply chain, giving you instant insight as to what stock is needed where and when.


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