Businesses that you can start with less than $1000  


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Blogging is a great way to create an income for very little money the art behind it is building up a large audience then using that audience to advertise for brands out there that are relevant for your blog. If you keep it around a specific niche such as travelling, beauty, fashion or finance then it’s easier to build up an audience as they will keep coming back for more on the topic they started following your blog for in the first place.

Once you have built a strong following brands will sponsor you to mention their products or even bring you to specific blogger events for their company. Additionally if your business is an online one you can write off the costs against the business such as a new computer.


Affiliate Marketing

Joining an affiliate program is a great way to earn money on the site because it lets you generate an income without having to actually sell anything. Similarly to blogging with being an affiliate it’s all about the audience. If you have a large audience then you can send more traffic to the affiliate site and then generate more sales on your behalf.

Sporting betting, for example has many types of affiliate marketing programs that can generate an income with very low start up capital, as long as you keep building on your initial investment till you have collected a considerable amount of money. Sites like BettingTop10 are taking advantage of betting sites affiliate programs and can help you understand the market and see where the best places are to bet. Another great thing is that a lot of the betting sites will have a joining bonus, and since there are so many of them, you can keep signing up to different ones just to collect the bonuses.

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Amazon or Ebay store

Another great way to start up a business with very little start up capital is to flip things on Amazon or Ebay. You can buy a lot of cheap great finds at car boot sales or garage sales that people are just looking to get rid of without thinking of how much they are selling them for. If you do enough research you can buy these items then sell them on online market places for a great mark up.

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