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Ways technology can help reduce the cost of traders insurance

The increase of premium tax, changes the Ogden tables, it has been an expensive year for insurance customers. But technology and innovation have been mitigating these costs for businesses in the motor industry. More expensive premiums have encouraged more motor traders to find ways to reduce the cost of payments.

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Using Technology to Optimise your Job Hunt

Thanks to the great variety of tools that technological progress has provided us through the IT/AI/Cloud industries combined, the world has changed drastically and every aspect of our lives has been affected by it in some way; from home to business everything is now connected more than ever before and the process continues at a progressive rate. With multimedia devices like smart phones, smart cars, smart receptionists (robotic assistants) robotic waiters or maids—not to mention AI personal assistants that cater to the needs of users, that can predict future mass behaviour and consumer trends (via processes such as machine learning, semantics technology, and cognitive intelligence) and recommend jobs, business solutions or products, it has also made the job-seeking experience easier and more productive. From finding vacancies to getting the first interview and then landing the job, technology is involved in the whole process from start to finish. Here are some suggestions and ways to optimize your job-hunt through these varied tools.

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Playing Lord of the Ocean online

Mythology serves as a great source of inspiration for many things, being utilised, portrayed and spread by the most various of means, both virtual and real:  starting from stories to books, games, clothing, television, toys – so on and so forth. And there is no exception even when we are dealing with slot machine games! Thus, we can marvel at the beauty which is Lord of the Ocean – a game built around the marvelous aquatic magical tales.

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