Playing Lord of the Ocean online

Mythology serves as a great source of inspiration for many things, being utilised, portrayed and spread by the most various of means, both virtual and real:  starting from stories to books, games, clothing, television, toys – so on and so forth. And there is no exception even when we are dealing with slot machine games! Thus, we can marvel at the beauty which is Lord of the Ocean – a game built around the marvelous aquatic magical tales.

This medium – high volatility slot will let you enjoy your gambling thrills in a calming, soothing setting, while you search to find the ancient treasures lying beneath the waves. With a 5% house edge and features 5 reels and 10 paylines – a classic setup for a classic game. The graphics and sounds may not the most striking ever, but bear in mind this is not just a new game trying to find players to like it, but one from the pioneering era, which has earned the respect and appreciation of many gamblers.

Among the symbols you will be playing with, you will see treasure chests, pieces of jewelry, mermaids, depictions of various watery divinities from this specific lore, the statue of the sea-god as well as the never absent card icons.

There is a particular symbol, though, that will trigger you a most coveted feature: the free spins! All you need is to land three icons displaying this golden-clad symbol and you win a bunch of free spins where expanding symbols will rack up bonus winnings for you! Last, but not least – you can perform a guessing-game after a win where you risk your freshly-acquired prize for a chance of doubling it.


The game hails from a well-respected producer in the field and does a good job at being one of the more iconic slot machines out there, having been and still being a successful title throughout the years.

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