Using Technology to Optimise your Job Hunt

Thanks to the great variety of tools that technological progress has provided us through the IT/AI/Cloud industries combined, the world has changed drastically and every aspect of our lives has been affected by it in some way; from home to business everything is now connected more than ever before and the process continues at a progressive rate. With multimedia devices like smart phones, smart cars, smart receptionists (robotic assistants) robotic waiters or maids—not to mention AI personal assistants that cater to the needs of users, that can predict future mass behaviour and consumer trends (via processes such as machine learning, semantics technology, and cognitive intelligence) and recommend jobs, business solutions or products, it has also made the job-seeking experience easier and more productive. From finding vacancies to getting the first interview and then landing the job, technology is involved in the whole process from start to finish. Here are some suggestions and ways to optimize your job-hunt through these varied tools.

Social media plays a large part in the process of finding a good job that satisfies you and fits your skills, and it is important to make sure you have all your important accounts linked together so that everything you post shows up on every page. Do not forget that many employers now conduct a search history of your social media profiles before scheduling an interview, so be careful about what you post! Every CEO, president or PM uses Twitter (and we know that even POTUS Trump is addicted to it), along with LinkedIn and Facebook. Employers use them as well, along with Skype or Face Time for example, to conduct interviews with potential job applicants or for business meetings. It saves recruiters time as well, and this explains why Mobile Offices are becoming more popular as the advantage of working from home or anywhere around the world without being stuck in a physical office (and thus also avoiding hours of heavy traffic on your route to work) can save countless hours of stress and also afford the opportunity to work more productively in comfortable environments—while on vacation, or from the comfort of your home. Job search engines and aggregators have been in use for a few years now, and job seekers can find a list of job offers on popular jobsites like Jobrapido, while new digital apps can save you money on printing CVs and handing them out by hand.

Social Media has also done their part, with new functions that allow you to post a short resume (like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have done), and also recommend job offers that fit your skills and interests while putting you in touch with recruiters and professional organizations. Virtual Reality really seems to be the next wave in the rise of the machines, and VR forums and chat rooms are already employed successfully by CEOs and hiring managers to attract clientele, investors, and potential job candidates. Everything is now already mobile, and the office environment can be as well. But it is also your skill level at using these technological tools that will attract the interest of recruiters, so being creative and starting your own job campaign for example, will show that you can think outside the box.


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