Top 10 Elements of Good Online Games


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Whether it’s an online multiplayer game, online casinos games, or RPG’s, there are certain elements that will make a game successful. In this article, we are going to look at the different elements that make good online games. We all know that games are a matter of individual preference and whilst some players enjoy games of chance like online slots, other prefers games of skill. Other players even prefer games where they interact and communicate with other players.

But what makes a game good? There are certain elements that all the successful titles have whether they are on gaming consoles or online casinos and the key is knowing what to look for. is a great site to find updates, and read reviews on the best casino games and once you’ve read through our list of elements you’ll know exactly what to look out for.

The 10 Key Elements of Successful Online Games

Below you will find our top ten elements that are incorporated into the best online games.

  1. Originality: New games have to be original and possess elements that players haven’t seen or experienced before. In online slots this could be a new bonus feature or interactive story board, new ways to win, and so forth.
  2. Re-playability: For a game to be successful players must want to play it again with different results and different outcomes. If this isn’t there, the game soon becomes boring.
  3. Surprise: A surprise is always great and random bonuses, wilds, and jackpots in slots games do just this. You never know when it will happen and that adds to the fun and excitement.
  4. Equal Opportunity: A the start of the game players must have an equal chance of winning. This goes for any game be it a multiplayer online shooter, online blackjack, roulette, and even slots. Players need to know they can win if they are going to play.
  5. Creative Control: If the game isn’t based on chance players must feel like they can affect the outcome. Players bore easily if they feel the game is playing them. In blackjack or video poker casino games, player choices determine the outcome.
  6. Uniformity and Quality: The theme and graphics of the game must match. No-one wants to play a game called Revenge of the Zombies only to find that the graphics are all animals or fairies. The functionality of the game is also important as is the visual appeal.
  7. Clear Rules: Games of chance must have simple rules and be fast-paced. Games of strategy should offer players an abundance of choices.
  8. Ease of Learning: It is always an advantage for online games to start quickly and be easy to learn.
  9. Great Gameplay and Great Stories: To really engage players they need to become involved in the story line. We have seen this being introduced in video slots over the past number of years. iSlots by Rival are the best example and feature animated characters and suspenseful story lines.
  10. Graphics: Graphics are extremely important and the better the quality the better experience players have.


As you can see, there are a lot of important elements that go into creating good online games. A good game should always be entertaining and leave players wanting to play again.



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