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Top 10 Elements of Good Online Games


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Whether it’s an online multiplayer game, online casinos games, or RPG’s, there are certain elements that will make a game successful. In this article, we are going to look at the different elements that make good online games. We all know that games are a matter of individual preference and whilst some players enjoy games of chance like online slots, other prefers games of skill. Other players even prefer games where they interact and communicate with other players.

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Playing Lord of the Ocean online

Mythology serves as a great source of inspiration for many things, being utilised, portrayed and spread by the most various of means, both virtual and real:  starting from stories to books, games, clothing, television, toys – so on and so forth. And there is no exception even when we are dealing with slot machine games! Thus, we can marvel at the beauty which is Lord of the Ocean – a game built around the marvelous aquatic magical tales.

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The evolving technology in football and Euro 2016

Soccer ball on field

Soccer ball on field

Technology in sport is hugely growing in importance from the technology within the games such as smart wearables measuring sports persons’ health and fitness levels to how fans are watching it, with online streaming and even the growth of specialize camera’s such as 360 views of stadium.

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And Now There’s Professional Drone Racing


It seems like it was only a few years ago that drones were considered cutting edge technological playthings. As with things like Google Glass or VR headsets, we would occasionally see high-end versions of personal drones online or in magazines and wonder when they’d become available for mass consumption. But unlike Google Glass and VR headsets, which have remained largely exclusive to tech insiders and those willing to shell out a ton of money for personal devices, drones went to market pretty quickly. For a while now, they’ve been relatively easy to acquire, with the result that people have had time to come up with all kinds of fun uses for them.

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5 Exciting VR Peripherals



Virtual reality is going to be great, especially after we learn how to jack into our neural system Matrix style. But until science figures out how to do it, we will have to do with various VR peripherals that translate virtual experiences into real life sensory input. Here are several VR peripherals to get excited about.

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Finding the right computer for you

IT support London

When once a desktop computer and dial-up internet was the height of technology, through only a few short years there are more options out there than we ever imagined. Not only can you hand-pick your operating systems and download the latest app for seemingly every purpose, there is a wider selection of devices upon which to enjoy these perks than ever.

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5 ways to use technology to increase productivity



In the modern digitally enabled world we live in its very easy to get left behind if you aren’t using technology to your advantage, the companies that aren’t adapting are just getting left behind. This is why we have compiled a list of the top five pieces of technology that your company can use to stay ahead of the curve and get that crucial competitive advantage.

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Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing: Game Changers


3D printing has taken the world by storm!

Anything from prosthetic limbs to living organs for transplantation can be done using this revolutionary technology. Experts say that the technology to convert digital files into real life materials is the next frontier of the industrial revolution.

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tecSome awesome reasons why you should get a smartwatch

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 23.46.30

Smartwatches are here and they are here to stay. Up until 2014 Samsung was king of the Smartwatch market but that changed in 2015 with the release of the Apple watch. Whether you are a fan of Android or Apple the watches connected to your phones are here to stay. Here we list 10 reasons why you might want to consider buying one on either side of the competitions.

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An introduction to a tougher portable laptop

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 14.42.20

While the MacBook Air is commonly referred to as one of the best mobile laptop devices out there best of its size, portability as well as the look and feel. The MacBook Air really gives you not only the look and feel but also the experience that is require for when you need to use a computer on the go. The only issue with it is, is it too portable?! If your need for portability is sitting on a train, in a hotel room or an office that isn’t your own then the MacBook Air would be perfect for you. However, what if you need something to take onto a construction site, or into a factory, ever a warzone or an oil rig. The MackBook Air is likely to being unusable with all the dirt and definitely stands a real risk of literally snapping under the pressure.

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