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110277Most kids these days have phones and even smartphones, and if you want to keep up with what your children are doing, find out where they are at and communicate with them on a daily basis, you’re probably going to have to purchase one. But what are the best smartphones for children, and why?

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Guest post: Need to print? It doesn’t need to cost the earth


Many people stick to doing all their printing at work or school to save time and money. It’s not ideal; you’re always under scrutiny, and you might feel bad (or be made to feel bad) for using all that paper and ink. If you’re someone who keeps telling themselves that there’s no point spending all that money on a printer, and you can’t afford to keep it filled with ink, then you might be surprised to learn that you can get into printing at home for much less than you would imagine.

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Guest post: 5 Test Tools to Make with Your Arduino


An Arduino is an ingenious electronic microcontroller board that requires only simple user friendly hardware and software for creating interactive tools. A built-in array of sensors provides the Arduino with the ability to detect environmental changes. Applying simple electronic components to the board enables responses to these changes through the use of actuators, lights or motors. Build projects that stand alone or function in combination with computer based software. Electronics hobbyists may design and create boards manually or purchase preassembled Arduino Kits.

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Guest post: Five Signs That 2013 Will Be The Year of 3D Printing


The beautiful thing about technology is that it’s ever-evolving; a technology that seemed groundbreaking 15 years ago can seem completely obsolete in the present day while there are literally hundreds of new technologies to get excited about everyday – although there’s no news on hoverboards yet.
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Guest post: Top 5 Email Campaigns in 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 01.24.14

The past 12 months have been a great time for email marketing campaigns, as this perennially effective form of online advertising has risen to meet the challenges of the mobile revolution and the ever-increasing amount of people who conduct most of their business via the internet. Companies such as have been updating and improving the email templates that they make available for businesses, and there have been awards dished out right across the marketing world for the best campaigns. Here are five email campaigns that have been honoured by the industry:

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Guest post: Go Green with Free SIMS

Green Free SIM

In our current “throw away” society not many people will be aware that no other consumer electronic device is replaced as frequently as mobile phones. Despite the fact that most mobile phones are designed to last at least 5 Years, in Europe there are nearly 800 million mobile phone users, who on average replace their mobile phone every 18 months. This equates to about 500 million handsets a year that end up getting replaced quite needlessly.

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Guest Post: Creative Approaches to Brainstorming

Like the egg and the chicken question there’s no simple answer to the one about which came first the sci-fi novel or the science.  While Mary Shelley was obviously crazy with her mad idea that a scientist could actually build a human, at least she didn’t go completely crazy and suggest we might one day grow human organs in animals as spare parts.  Erm.  Maybe she should have.

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Guest post: Refurbished Computers: What You Need to Know

IT support London

Most people don’t realise that you don’t need to buy brand spanking new when looking to purchase a laptop. Depending on what you want and how much you have to spend, you can buy a laptop in near new condition for a bargain price and it’s only had its seals broken. Refurbished laptops are a viable option for those who want the latest model but can’t quite afford the price tag.

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Guest post: Android is more customisable than ever

Android apps

There’s something to be said for the beautiful simplicity of an iPhone – there’s not much you can do to break it when it comes to the software, but then there’s not much that you’d really want to do anyway. For quite a while now Android has been the operating system of choice for people that want to tinker with everything, and love to personalise their phones to themselves. Here are a few of the best app tools for customising Android smart phones at the minute:

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Guest post: How the cloud is making business IT easier

cloud computing

Whether we are using a tablet, a smart phone, a home pc or a work laptop, accessing information has become exponentially easier thanks to cloud computing – a unique approach to networking and computing wherein all electronic devices are interconnected and you don’t need a fixed work station.

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