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Guest post: Top Apps For Downloading Music To Your Mobile Device

app store

One of the best things about having a mobile computer is the ability to watch and listen to media wherever and whenever. Movies, pictures and music can be enjoyed from pretty much anywhere the user wants. There are two main ways that this can happen, one is streaming and the other is from a static memory device.

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Guest post: Choosing The Right Smartphone For College

HTC One series

Picking a Smartphone for College Students

There are so many choices that a college student and anyone shopping for a college student. Several of those choices are tied closely to schoolwork and social activities. The greatest part of today’s technological society is the fact that not only cans these things be tied together; all computing can be tied together.

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Guest post: Smart alarms ring the emergency services for you

Smart alarms ring the emergency services for you

Like pretty much everyone else I know, my house has been fitted with an alarm system for as long as I can remember – and like pretty much everyone I know there have been occasions in the past when I’ve been very glad that it’s there.

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Guest post: 3 Advantages of a Digital System for Records Management

Records management is entering the digital age! Technological developments of televisions and mobile phones are receiving attention worldwide and now, so too are changes in the information management field.

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Guest post: Protouch – How Touch Screen Kiosks can Boost Your Income

In simple terms, a touch screen kiosk can provide a genuinely purposeful function in any business or place of work. For example, by placing one or several kiosks in the reception of your main building, you can provide your customers with an immediate point of contact while your customer service team deal with more pressing issues. The touch screen kiosk is less known for its capacity to boost your businesses income, however, but the fact remains that it has the potential to help you maximize profitability over a sustained period of time.

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Guest post: Design rights

If the visual appearance of your products or logo is essential to its sales, or it is their unique selling point, you must get your design rights protected. Design and patent rights cover different things, so don’t assume that because you have patent protection the aesthetic qualities of your products are covered too.

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Guest post: Using Excel to Make Your Home Budget

There is no need to spend a fortune on budgeting programs. Spreadsheets are the perfect way to manage your money and these come with office software, whether you are using Microsoft Office or Open Office. The trick is to knowing how to set up a simple budget within one of these programs.

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Guest post: Outsourcing your IT department overseas? Factors to be considered

out sourcing IT

IT outsourcing has been existent for nearly two decades and its popularity among firms is only growing stronger. IT outsourcing is a common practice among organisations and is a vital part of all the business strategies.

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Guest post: From Black and White to Digital


The modern television is the product of many decades of innovations contributed by a plethora of engineers.

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Guest post: Top five gadgets for the home

A man’s home is his castle, or at least it used to be; in the 21st century, it is increasingly more likely to be his Q branch. In an age of rapid technological advance, this is hardly surprising, and it is interesting to note how many gadgets are simply perfect ways of avoiding exertion.

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