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The importance of a mobile site in the modern world


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The importance of having a mobile friendly site has increased more and more over the past few years. As smartphones and tablets have become part of modern day life the need for companies to adapt to this has become even more important. 51% of web traffic is now mobile traffic which has increased dramatically this has led to a much higher percentage of making money via your mobile site. Which is why companies should always make mobile a priority for their websites, below I am going to show a few examples of great mobiles sites:

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Network Security: Bringing Management Up To Speed


We are all fairly aware that the digital revolution requires network security. Unfortunately, the average corporate manager who has to make key financial decisions about how much money to allocate toward network security only has a fuzzy idea about it. SMBs—small and medium-sized businesses—usually do not have the same IT resources as a large company. Managers working in these companies often don’t realize that their network security may be completely inadequate when it comes to protecting their business from unpredictable threats coming from the Internet.

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Internet access is developing very quickly!


Internet access is everywhere. With free Wi-Fi hotspots now occupying most high street stores, it is easier than ever to get online. The soar in popularity of trading, social media, shopping and entertainment through the internet now means having internet access in your home or business is a necessity.

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SSL: what is it and why do you need it?


Across the globe e-commerce is undergoing staggering growth and the UK is one of the markets leading this trend. More and more British shoppers are choosing to buy online rather than in shops, meaning that whilst high street visits are dropping by 3% annually UK e-commerce is currently growing by upwards of 10% year on year.

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How to get cheap data when you’re on the move


At one time, staying connected while you were out and about proved to be pretty expensive. Blackberry was the only company to offer low cost data roaming.

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Benefit to the User Computer Help Desk


A Help Desk helps corporate computer users by operating a simple single point of contact for all computer-related problems. Since the Help Desk is a single point of contact, users can submit all “service requests” to the Help Desk for repairs and assistance with their hardware, software, or networking issues. In some organizations, a Help Desk may be part of a larger Service Desk.

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JUST EAT Find Mozz competition

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JUST EAT the online take away service are running such a fun and not to mention easy competition I thought I’d let everyone know about it on here. The competition is based around a game they have created where you have to find Mr Mozz’s pizza boxes in a large puzzle, sort of like a Where’s Wally thing. He’s left 8 boxes in there and if you find them all really quickly you win some nice prizes.

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Cell C South Africa- A Phone Company for Today


Cell C South Africa is an excellent company and cell provider. It offers great coverage and a wide variety of plans and products. The network is expansive and easily available, at an affordable price.
The Network

The third cell network in the area, Cell C South Africa has made cell service an effort of innovation in South Africa. It may have been the third network in South Africa, but it was the first cell provider to operate a dual band GSM900/1800 MHz data network. Since it was founded in November 2001 Cell C has worked to make cell service more affordable, and to increase coverage in South Africa. Recently it has made many changes that have completely shaken up the South African Market, offering the lowest data rate of any company in the area. The Network has expanded to allow coverage to nearly all of South Africa, and the company continues to offer excellence and strive for innovation.
Technology and Services

Cell C South Africa offers a network with 98% population coverage. This coverage is a result of Cell C taking itself into a new era with a new sophisticated core switching network. This new network has made it so that an unprecedented amount of traffic demand can be easily coped with and taken care of. The company has also added roaming agreements with 550 different telecommunications operators all around the world. Agreements in more than 187 countries make the network widespread and available to hand any call. Adding to this the affordability of Cell C makes for a cell company that stands out from the rest, taking care of over 11.5 million subscribers with efficacy and excellence. Some of the many products available are video messaging, mms, voicemail, internet, and much more. And it is all available on a reliable network with a wide range of coverage.
The Website

The Cell C website is an amazing tool for learning about the company, searching for the right plan, or just looking up questions about a plan you already have. It is well organized and easy to navigate, making it perfect for finding answers to any question. The site is easy to search and offers an easy look at Cell C South Africa and all that it has to offer, from data plans to different phones. Any information is easily found and well organized, without any excess clutter on the site making it difficult to search. It is easy to navigate and find anything within the site, and all information is clear and concisely stated, making it as easy to understand as it is to find.

Cell C is an excellent company, devoted to offering affordable service and excellent coverage. As one of the first cell companies in South Africa it had a long way to go to offer the excellence it offers today, and it has done an amazing job of getting where it is today. The variety of products, service plans, and the fantastic network make it an ideal phone provider for anyone.

The Rise Of Hotel Comparison Websites


Since the likes of Lastminute and Priceline were launched in 1998 hotel comparison websites have grown by leaps and bounds, eating up hotels’ market share and pushing traditional high street agencies into a supporting role within the travel industry.

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Google steps up efforts to make internet surveillance more difficult


Search engine giant Google has announced that it is in the process of making user activity across the internet much more complex to survey.

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