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The Rise Of Hotel Comparison Websites


Since the likes of Lastminute and Priceline were launched in 1998 hotel comparison websites have grown by leaps and bounds, eating up hotels’ market share and pushing traditional high street agencies into a supporting role within the travel industry.

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Google steps up efforts to make internet surveillance more difficult


Search engine giant Google has announced that it is in the process of making user activity across the internet much more complex to survey.

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Guerrilla marketing comes to the music world


Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire have used the unique advertising strategy of guerrilla marketing in order to promote their brand-new album.

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Hire Jungle – Hiring Paradise

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 17.05.31 2

In this day and age, going to extra mile to buy something just to use it once isn’t really a viable option. But then, getting holding of something to hire isn’t always that simple to. Thankfully, one particular website has cut out the hassle by providing a service with which users can find pretty much anything they want to hire.

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The Basics of Digital Marketing


The online world can be a little daunting sometimes – especially for those new to the digital landscape. A successful online strategy can seem pretty complicated to achieve – and more often than not, it’s much easier to get lost in the deep end than take things one step at a time.

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Ways to Make Online Shopping Easier for Your Customers


The best way to keep consumers and gain new ones is to make your online website easy to use and safe for those that are purchasing online with you. Having a site that’s easy to navigate, as well as a check-out system that’s safe and fast, is among the top two consumer requests when online shopping, according to a survey conducted by UPS about online shopping habits and trends. If your online site is lacking either of these, fixing it should be your number one priority in order to make shopping with your company a good experience for online shoppers.
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How to drive more traffic by optimizing your website design

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 21.36.49

Your company website will often be the first port of call for your customers, so it’s crucial that it looks professional and makes the right first impression. People are becoming increasingly internet savvy and customer’s expectations have risen as more and more business is done via the internet. It is important to regularly check your site, make sure it’s working as it should, and see if there are any improvements that can be made.

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Shared vs. Virtual Private Hosting: Making the Right Choice


Virtualisation has narrowed the playing field for IT within business. In today’s financial climate, IT has become the indispensable framework that touches all departments, all levels of operational workflow. How quickly you perform tasks and support infrastructure through the use of IT is pivotal to engaging customers and enabling staff.

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Securing Web Server

Organizations always focus on making sure information about their servers is not available to the public, especially sensitive info and that is why they focus on having different public spaces. One of them, which ensures they have an online presence and their clients can access their website easily, is represented by servers.

Web servers

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Another piece of cloud new businesses should consider

cloud hostin

The recruitment processes of many businesses are outdated, and the recruitment processes often feel too lengthy and time-consuming to make the effort to change to a new way of working. But for many, a little upfront investment would be well worth it.

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