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Enterprise resource planning: the perfect business solution?


A confident management team is essential when important and appropriate strategic decisions are required; the ability to identify and avoid potential future problems is also vital. Relying on guesswork, or inaccurate figures, is rarely a tactic for anything other than disaster, and a lack of clarity within businesses is part of the reason why 986 businesses close down each quarter in the UK.

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What’s Wrong with My Computer? Common IT issues

129660 Regardless of how IT-savvy you are, now and again when your computer goes wrong, you’ve no idea where to turn. It may well be that there is a serious error to deal with, but many problems on personal computers can actually be solved simply. Just learning how to recognise the problem can save you plenty of cash in PC repairs. Continue reading →

Advertorial feature: Kaspersky Internet Security and Anti-Virus Software 2013


The threats which we meet every day when browsing the web represent real security concerns which can make sensitive data vulnerable, and result in corrupted data on our machines. Whether we are worried about inputting data online or losing our family photographs due to the corruption of data, we all have an interest in protecting our computer against viruses and cyber crime.

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